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Grounded in Faith,
Growing in His Spirit.

"Grounded in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are sent as faithful ambassadors to reflect the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ." "Grounded in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are sent
as faithful ambassadors to reflect the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ."
Wedding Music Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Music

Our organist, Phil Graebing, has put together some information to help you select the perfect pieces of music for your wedding. You can email Phil at or he can be reached via the email form below.

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Entrance of the Bridal Party

We usually decide this piece first - this is the grand moment, when all eyes are fixed upon the bride. Actually, two pieces are usually played here; one for the bridesmaids, and one for the bride herself. But we can go with one in the case of one or two bridesmaids plus the bride:



Music for the Prelude

This is the time when your guests are entering the sanctuary and taking their seats. It can also set the mood for the service. You can choose romantic sounding, lyrical pieces, or more bright sounding songs fitting for a celebration. I like a mixture of both. Select as many as you wish, but usually 4-7 are sufficient for 20 to 30 minutes of music. One thing to remember is that the last song of the Prelude will be the one the parents enter on. Feel free to request any other titles too.

On the Romantic Side:

Music for the Recessional

Once vows have been exchanged and the minister has declared the couple to be husband and wife, then the celebration can begin. Here the organist literally "pulls out all the stops." In the meantime, the couple and the bridal party leave the sanctuary and prepare to greet the guests.

Suggested Vocal Solos and Other Service Music

Many couples like to have a vocal solo sung at some time, either during the prelude, during the lighting of the Unity Candle, or at some other time in the service. Generally people choose anywhere from 0 to 3 songs, but feel free to select as many as you wish. Here are some songs that have been used recently, along with the words:

Music for the Postlude

Now that the bridal party has made its way out of the sanctuary, we need to get all of your guests out, and keep them entertained while they're waiting to leave. Generally, most people leave this up to my discretion, as it is hard to judge how long this may take. I will play until all guests have entered the greeting line. Here are some choices though, that you may find appropriate:

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The Church Office is open daily (M-F) from 9:00 am-4:30 pm. However, if you need to stop by after 4:30 pm, call ahead and let us know. Members of the church staff are often available after 4:30 pm.

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