Grounded in Faith,
Growing in His Spirit.

"Grounded in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are sent as faithful ambassadors to reflect the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ." "Grounded in faith and guided by the Holy Spirit, we are sent
as faithful ambassadors to reflect the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ."
Know. Experience. Connect.

At HPC, we want to give our kids a foundation for a lifelong faith that will stick with them no matter where life takes them. We do this by helping kids to…

Karen Shumaker
  • Know the Story- We want HPC Kids to know the Story of how God has worked and continues to work in human history, and we want kids to know that they are a part of that Story.
  • Experience Discipleship- HPC Kids experience discipleship as they engage in worship, Bible reading, service projects, missions, and prayer.
  • Connect with the Community- At HPC Kids we place a high priority on a child’s relationships with his or her peers and mentors. We think every kid needs a community inside the church that makes church a “second home,” and we make a conscious effort to help nurture such a community.
Karen Shumaker
Karen Shumaker
Director of Christian Education
724-443-3201 x304
Karen Shumaker
Director of Christian Education
724-443-3201 x304

The Birds & the Bees

The Birds and the Bees

Have your kids been asking uncomfortable questions about human development or sexuality? Have you been avoiding having conversations with your kids about these topics cause you aren’t quite sure what to say? It isn't easy, but it's important. Our friend, Renee Wallace, will be teaching the class to help parents talk with their kids about human development and sexuality from a Christian perspective.

Come learn some strategies and gain resources for having these critical conversations. Parents of K-5th graders are invited to join us for this three part series. Please join us for the 2nd and 3rd part on January 28th and February 4th at 11:00a in the Hospitality Room. There will be programming for the kids upstairs during the class. For questions or more information, please contact Karen Shumaker.

Sunday, January 28th & February 4th 11:00a

Tweener Retreat

Camp Crestfield Tweener Retreat

Save the Date! Tweener Retreat at Camp Crestfield for 3rd-5th graders on March 10th - 11th. More information to come soon.

March 10th - 11th

Weekly Program Info

Sunday Morning Programs

HPC Kids I – 9:30 am
  • Room 302: Age 3 (Potty trained) – PreK
  • Room 302: Grades K – 2
  • Room 303: Grades 3 – 5
HPC Kids II – 11:00 am
  • Room 302: Age 3 (Potty trained) – PreK
  • Room 306: Grades K-5. Kids begin in large group and then move to small groups.
Parent Resources What the Kids are Learning During Sunday Classes? Favorite Bibles and Bible Storybooks:
  • The NIrV Adventure Bible - This is the Bible we give our 2nd graders on Reformation Day each year. It is a great children’s Bible written on the 3rd grade reading level. It has all the books, chapters and verses of a regular Bible, but it also has special pages and graphics containing interesting facts and devotional materials for children.
  • The Read and Learn Bible - This is a great Bible story book to read aloud to your non-reader or to have your elementary child read aloud to you or to his younger siblings. It includes a wide variety of stories from the Bible. Stories are simple and true to the original text.
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible - In this little treasure, Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrator Jago have woven together the Biblical narrative, beautiful artwork, and a rich and vibrant Christology. It is a book for children, but it can be read by teens and even adults as well. This book will teach you that the Bible is not a book of rules, but a love story. And that God is a Father who will move heaven and earth to get his lost children back.
Holiday Favorites:
  • Why Do We Call it Christmas? - This DVD from the What’s in the Bible? series provides kids with a wealth of information on the traditions and stories of the holiday season. Why do we decorate a tree? How did Santa get his start? Was Jesus really born on December 25th? Come find out!
Dealing with Tough Questions:
  • What Happens When We Die? - This is a simple, straightforward book by children’s author Carolyn Nystrom. The book addresses children’s questions head-on and gives answers that are both comforting and theologically sound.

Sunday Evening Programs

HPC Kids Evening – 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

  • K2Kicks (grades K-2; Rm 306 & Fellowship Hall) - Twice a month our K-2nd graders come together at night to run, play, create, eat, and learn about God.
  • Club 345 (grades 3-5, Rm 309 & Fellowship Hall) - It’s like youth group, but shorter! In Club 345 tweens connect with each other, group mentors, and God as they play together, share a snack, and take a look at Biblical topics.

Special Event Info

In addition to our regular weekly programs, we have a number of special programs throughout the year that seek to provide students with unique opportunities to experience their faith. Please check our Events page for more information.

Church Office Information

The Church Office is open daily (M-F) from 9:00 am-4:30 pm. However, if you need to stop by after 4:30 pm, call ahead and let us know. Members of the church staff are often available after 4:30 pm.

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